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We will be going into the city and meeting needs across the Greeneville area. Our vision is to see almost our whole church - kids, students, adults - from Arrowhead spend this one day loving our city. We want our community to feel loved and cared for by us, so be sure to sign up and be a part of showing Christ’s love to your community.

We are for Jesus, and Jesus is for people. So we are for people. We’re for the hurting, the hungry, the poor, the powerless, the confused, the lost, and the least. Jesus has compassion, and He has more than enough to overflow His compassion into us.

We’re for Greeneville area and its families, its friends, and its needs. Need rarely darkens the doors of local churches. We have to go to the need. And, why should we stop at knowing people by their needs? Jesus knows them by their name. How might we all need to change our posture and our position in order to see this become a reality? In this season, we want to deepen Arrowhead’s long-term conviction that Jesus is full of grace and is reaching out to those around us.


If you have any ideas or knowledge of a need in our area, please submit a request and make that need known and we will see if we can help on this day!