College & Young Adults


Do Life Together

Arrowhead Church's college and young adult ministry are focused towards ages 18-26, in or out of college. We exist to pursue a passionate and deep relationship with Jesus Christ. God has given us the gift of community with other believers and we exist to find strength and joy within that community. Our gatherings act as a time to find some rest from the hectic environment that this age can present - whether it is pursuing school or a career everyone deserves some time to rest and feel renewed. Being college focused, we always make sure food and coffee are present at all of our events - because who doesn't love food? Our pursuit is based upon living, studying, and worshipping together as a community who keeps each other accountable in pursuing their personal relationships with Christ. It’s a celebration – a celebration that God meets us right where we are in our lives both in the good and the bad and He continues to pursue and love us as we live a life that is abandoned for the gospel. Expect friendly people eager to experience the joy of Christ in relationships and worship. We do this together through two specific ways

First. We gather in small groups to study scripture and simply do life together on a weekly basis.

Secondly. We come together monthly to worship, celebrate, and hear teaching as a community.

Absolutely everyone is welcomed and wanted at everything we do. Check out the info and dates below to see what we have coming up.

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Once a month, the College & Young Adult ministry meets for a worship gathering at Tusculum College in the Chapel for a time of singing, prayer, teaching, and spiritual energizing. It’s a powerful time when the generation of young adults gathers in one place with the purpose of bringing glory to the Father and asking Him to revive our hearts and minds. This is a time where you can rest, breathe in God’s presence deeply, and have His spirit stir your heart. Each semester we go through teachings and series that focus on particular areas of spiritual growth. This is for anyone 18-26 from any church or college..


C*YA Growth Groups

Throughout the week, groups of College students & Young Adults gather together in various locations to hang out, eat, and study scripture in Biblical community. Getting connected to one of these groups is really simple and there are tons of different group options so regardless of your schedule, there will be a group time that works for you. This is a time to come together to study scripture, confess our weaknesses, pray for one another, and encourage each other to live on mission.